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Corrosion Control and Engineering Services

As reputable company in Corrosion Field, Wilson Walton Indonesia provide various engineering services for Oil & Gas Industry. Among the services are: Facilities Corrosion Assessment and Mitigation, Risk Assessment, External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA), Pipeline Data Base Development, Failure Analysis, Chemical Treatment Selection Program, and Corrosion Management Services. With fully back up from world class principle Corrpro Inc, USA, we confident to do our best services.

Various customers such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Coal Mining, in South East Asia are having experiences of using our services.

Facilities Corrosion Assessment & Mitigation

Oil & Gas facilities especially metal structures like piping & pipe line, tank farm, Offshore structures, are treated by corrosion attack naturally. Operator usually start to have corrosion problems when its facilities toward aging life, or probably when heavy corrosive happened with significance impact like pipe leaking or structure failure.

Facilities Corrosion Assessment & Mitigation scope will identify corrosion problems at your assets. A comprehensive direct investigation, data collection, gathering, analysis are necessary to address what happened and how the solution recommendation.

In certain cases this cope is complementary with Risk Base and Pipeline Data Base Development

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment identify structure failure look like hood and Risk consequences. As standardized by API and part of Risk Base Inspection (RBI), Risk Assessment will judge Risk Level of structure by which company able to develop preventive action to minimized or avoid risk.

Meanwhile, Risk consequences consist of various variables like:loss of production, hazardous impact to population, etc. Risk Assessment result is Risk Ranking Baseline.

External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

ECDA is direct assessment for external corrosion, implemented by various tolls like Closed Interval Survey (CIS), Inspection, and Coating defect assessment. As systematic approach ECDA output should be periodically updated for each subject to monitor its future trend and preventive program.

As refer to NACE recommended Practice, ECDA is applicable for non-piggable line and strongly recommended for Gas Line in High consequences area.

Pipeline Data Base Development

Pipeline Data Base will be customized based on customer requirement. Data Base development including Assets Register will helpful for operator to monitor facilities condition paperless and online. Under such kind of Data Base, users able to integrate any key information related to its facilities.

In some cases Pipeline Data Base is included in Risk Base or Pipeline Integrity Management Software. However custom made Data Base is widely use in our customers. We familiars with Ms Access, SQL, Java and others during the development.

Failure Analysis

In certain actual case, may failure analysis required to understand failure occurred on metal structure. Residual analysis, Microstructure analysis are done under reputable expert or by third party.

Chemical Selection Program

Prior to chemical treatment such as corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitors, pipeline operator usually doing chemical selection program. This program in complementary of residual Amin method which common in chemical vendor. Our method will use standard internal corrosion monitoring equipment like MicorCor, ER Probe and Scale Coupon.

By our involvement, pipeline operators easy to take correct decision for selecting the best chemicals. Furthermore using this kind of Method we can do as third party service during field test of the chemical vendors.

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